Daniel Bromley, University of Wisconsin-Madison, lecturing on challenges and reasons of the global financial crisis

During his lecture professor Bromley argued that the “spirit of the times” is delusional. He suggested that economic theory and practice had lost its way. Pursuit of growth has driven out the necessary focus on the moral dimension of economic processes and economic outcomes. Before Adam Smith, economics was studied as a component of moral philosophy. After two hundred years of intellectual independence it is time to re-imagine economic theory and political economy.

Daniel W. Bromley is Anderson-Bascom Professor (Emeritus) of applied economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also Visiting Professor, Humboldt University-Berlin. Professor Bromley has published extensively on the institutional foundations of the economy, legal and philosophical dimensions of property rights, economics of natural resources and the environment and economic development.

Professor Bromley has been a guest of Tatra Banka foundation with the cooperation of Slovak Economic Association (SES). Event was organized by the Center for the Study of Institutions, Evolution and Policies, Institute of Management, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and other partners.